Nature Power 7.5W Solar Power 12V Battery Trickle Charger – 42075

Nature Power 7.5W Solar Power 12V Battery Trickle Charger – 42075

  • High quality amorphous solar panel products up to 7.5-Watt/580mAh of power
  • A built-in blocking diode protects your batteries draining due to reverse current
  • 11 ft. of cabling lets you place the solar panel in the best position to receive sunlight
  • 12-Volt DC adapter, battery clamps, mounting bracket included

Nature Power 7.5-Watt Solar battery trickle charger takes the sun’s energy and turns it into electric current and delivers a small current to your rechargeable 12-Volt batteries. This solar panel is a way to keep your vehicles batteries topped up during storage. A great alternative to traditional battery chargers since no AC power is required, you will not need to run extension cords or use up valuable driveway space for stored vehicles. Completely weatherproofed this solar panel can be installed outdoors permanently or temporarily using the included poles for tilting the solar panel towards the sun.
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