Mighty Max Battery 24V 1000Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery Bank for OffGrid SolarWind – 8 Pack Brand Product

Mighty Max Battery 24V 1000Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery Bank for OffGrid SolarWind – 8 Pack Brand Product

  • ML8D SLA is a 12V 250AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable maintenance free battery. Pack of 8
  • Dimensions: 20.47 inches x 10.55 inches x 8.66 inches. Listing is for the Battery and Screws only. No wire harness or mounting accessories included.
  • Factory activated SLA / AGM battery. Maintenance free. No adding water. Advanced design works right out of the box and requires zero maintenance, zero adding of fluids compared to a flooded wet cell battery.
  • Rechargeable spill proof battery has a characteristic of high discharge rate, wide operating temperatures, long service life and deep discharge recover. Mounted in any position, resists shocks, and vibration. High performance in high and low temperatures.
  • Backed by a 30 day refund policy and full 1 year warranty.

Delivering power when you need it, the Mighty Max ML8D 12 Volt 250 AH uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
The ML8D is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.
Mighty Max SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.
Voltage: 12 Volt
Amperage: 250 AH
Chemistry: SLA, AGM
Quantity: 8 Batteries
Battery Dimensions: 
20.47 in x 10.55 in x 8.66 in
Weight: 154 Lbs
Genuine Mighty Max battery Product
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