Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT

  • Voltage: 6 Volts
  • Amp. Hrs. 20 Hr Rate: 220
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 25 Amps – 492
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 15 Amps – 856
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 8 Amps – 1692
  • Great for Marine, RV, & Solar applications

Lifeline GPL-4CT Deep Cycle RV Battery 6V 220Ah Camper Trailer RV The Lifeline GPL-4CT is a high performance, Mil-Spec, AGM battery, produced in the United States. Due to the Lifeline Battery’s quality construction, it has an industry leading 2% per month self discharge rate at 77F (25C). These batteries off gas only 2% by volume under normal operating conditions, again, industry leading. No sulfuric acid leaks, no acid clean up, and more power in the same space when compared to conventional batteries. The GPL-4CT is designed for charging amperages up to 550 amps or 250% of the rated Amp Hour Capacity due to low battery internal resistance. M8 Threaded Insert ( Cooper Alloy) Terminal – 2X Specs:Voltage6vDimensions10.28″L x 7.06″W x 9.92″HWt. Lbs.66 lbs.Cold Cranking Amps681095329250750Rated Cap. Amp Hrs. 20 Hr Rate220AhMinutes of Discharge25 Amps492 min15 Amps856 min8 Amps1692 minRecommended Charge VoltageBulk7.10-7.30vAbsorption7.10-7.30vFloat6.55-6.70vRecommended Charge AmperageUp to 100% of the rated amp hour capacitySelf Discharge Rate2% per month at 77F (25C)Operating Temperature-50 to 150F (-45 to 65.5C)Cycle Life1,100 cycles to 50% DOD, 500 cycles to 100% DOD THANKS FOR LOOKING!
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