Ampeak 2/10/25A Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer 12V Fully Automatic with Start Aid

Ampeak 2/10/25A Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer 12V Fully Automatic with Start Aid

  • ▶2/10/25 Amp Fast Charger◀: quickly charging all types of 12V lead acid batteries, including GEL, AGM and STD. It’s the best smart charger for automotive, motorcycle, marine, RV, Powersport, lawn&garden, children toys, etc. (Do not charge a frozen or dead battery!)
  • ▶Start Aid Button◀: Energy saving design for activating battery whose capacity is not enough to start engine within one 120 second cycle
  • ▶Smart Detect System◀: Automatically detect the battery voltage and capacity, and select the charge rate best fit for your type of battery. Automatic charge cycle functionality switches to float mode after fully charging the battery. Battery reconditioning feature helps extend battery life
  • ▶Complete 6-step Charging Program◀: Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Battery Test and Floating, allow for optimization of battery power, without overcharging or damaging
  • ▶Advanced & Safety Protection◀: LED helps keep driver informed of chargers operation. Certified by UL. No worry about battery over voltage, over heat, overtime charging and reverse polarity. 18-Month Hassle-Free Warranty, 24-hour friendly customer service and 100% customer satisfaction

Ampeak Smart Battery Charger-Provide the power for your battery

Why choose Ampeak:

Ampeak 2A / 10A / 25A  / Auto Smart Battery Charger is a multi-functional, fast and efficient 12-volt
battery charger/maintainer, ideal for charging all 12V lead-acid battery types used in everything
from automotive, motorcycle, marine, RV, Power sport, lawn&garden, children toys,etc.

Additional features include a start aid mode, a desulphation mode, built-in voltage tester, a
comfortable handle and clamp/cable stowage compartment. Certificated by UL.


25 Amp Rapid Charge – Charger monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate to prevent
battery damage; can be used for large automobile battery.

10 Amp Quick Charge – A self-adjusting charge rate for everyday charging needs and keeping your
battery in peak condition; can be used for medium size automobile battery.

2 Amp Trickle Charge – A gentle trickle charge for charging and maintaining small batteries; can be
used for small battery


Rated input voltage: 120V AC/60Hz
Input current: 6A
Rated output voltage: 12V DC
Working temperature: 32°F (0°C) – 104°F (40°C)
Comfortable Carrying Handle: Yes


For 12V battery, not applied for 24V battery
Do not charge a frozen or dead battery.
Do not smoke or allow a spark or flame near the battery or engine.


If you want your battery to sustain its life longer, slow charge it. Slow charge will take longer but will
charge your battery more thoroughly. If your battery needs to charge in a short amount of time, use
the Rapid charge setting.

What’s in the Box:

1x Ampeak Smart Battery Charger
1 x DC Output Cable with Clip Connectors
1 x User Guide

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